The Big Event at University of Wyoming

The Big Event at University of Wyoming

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The Big Event was October 14, 2023

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About The Big Event


Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event promotes campus and community unity as University of Wyoming students come together for one day to express their gratitude for the support from the surrounding community.


The Big Event was founded at Texas A&M University in 1982. Since then, The Big Event has expanded to over 100 schools across the country, all joining together in the spirit of service. The first annual Big Event was held at the University of Wyoming in the fall of 2013 as the kick-off to homecoming week with just over 300 students participating. Now, in our 11th year, we expect 400 students to say "Thank You" to their community and participate in The Big Event.

Core Values

The Big Event strives to uphold the ideals of unity and service. This one-day event is not based on socioeconomic need, but rather is a way for the student body to express their gratitude to the entire community which supports the university. It is important to remember The Big Event is not about the number of jobs completed or the number of students who participate each year. Instead, it is the interaction between students and residents and the unity that results throughout the community that makes The Big Event such a unique project.

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