The Big Event: Job Site Request

Thank you for your interest in The Big Event! Let us know what you need help with by filling out this form. Once you submit the form, we will send you an email.

The Job Site

While we hope for nice weather for your outdoor tasks, we recommend picking a few indoor tasks for inclement weather. If you don't have any indoor tasks, and we experience inclement weather, The Big Event will not send volunteers to your job site.

Ctrl+Click or Cmd+Click to select more than one task

A minimum of two volunteers are required for every job request.

Your Contact Information

We may need to get ahold of you as we organize The Big Event. Please provide your contact information here.


Please read and agree to the following.

  • I understand that under no circumstance will students use power tools or drive property owner’s vehicles during service project.
  • I understand that as the property owner, I must be present during the service and that if I am not, the job cannot be completed.
  • I understand that The Big Event and the University of Wyoming are under no obligation to provide or dispatch volunteers to my job site.
  • I understand that I may be contacted by an automated messaging system.
  • I understand that The Big Event is responsive to state, local, and University of Wyoming guidelines. This event may be cancelled at any time without being rescheduled.
  • I understand that In the event of inclement weather, The Big Event may be cancelled.
  • I understand that if I break any of these rules, volunteers may be removed and your job will not be completed.
  • I understand that a University of Wyoming representative will reach out to schedule and complete a site check before my site is accepted.
  • I understand that in order to protect both community members and student volunteers, volunteers are discouraged from entering private residences.
  • If my household is under quarantine, or if anyone in my household is symptomatic of COVID-19, I will contact the SLCE Office to cancel my job request.